UOB Thailand boosts financial literacy for Thai youths

UOB Thailand continues to boost financial literacy for Thai youths through UOB Money 101: Teen Edition.
UOB Thailand continues to boost financial literacy for Thai youths through UOB Money 101: Teen Edition.

UOB Thailand continues to boost financial literacy for Thai youths . Through UOB Money 101: Teen Edition. More than 4,000 students have graduated from the programme nationwide,Since UOB Thai land launched the project in 2021.  

UOB Thailand continues to the demonstrate . Its commitment in spearheading the nurturing of financial literacy among the nation’s youths. The bank implemented the financial education programme called “the UOB Money 101: Teen Edition”. More than 1,700 lower. And secondary-level students graduated from the third run of the programme.

The schools show strong interest in the programme. since its launch in September 2021 with sign-up rates increasing every year.  Over 4,000 students from 45 schools across Thailand finished comprehensive training in money management concepts and financial wellness principles.

The bank organised an online financial literacy programme to lower secondary-level students. They learnt financial knowledge which supported them in making well-informed financial decisions and securing their future economic well being.

Through a series of six engagement activities and online interactions. The course helped them get a head start financially on their financial planning by establishing concrete plans to achieve their financial goals.

Students also learnt the ideas of money psychology, earnings, saving, investing, cost management and financial goal setting.

The programme is part of the ank’s larger UOB My Digital Space campaign. The project targets to bridge the digital divide and create digital learning opportunities for underprivileged young Thais.  The bank is a collaboration with the Thailand Collaboration for Education (TCFE).

UOB Thailand joins forces to TCFE

Sanchai Apisaksirikul, managing director, advisor to CEO Office, UOB Thailand, said financial literacy lays the crucial foundation for economic empowerment and upward mobility. Providing financial education for our youth today secures the economic future of Thailand.

“UOB Money 101: Teen Edition represents our commitment to developing the next generation of financially capable leaders.   The assistance to entrepreneurs who can drive our nation’s sustainable growth.” Mr Sanchai said.  

Kanokwan Chowsri, director of TCFE, Yuvabadhana Foundation, said “we have observed significant progress over the past three years through the collaboration with UOB Thailand. Students are spending less, saving more, and beginning to plan towards their goals. This financial literacy programme plays a crucial role in bridging the inequality gap.”

UOB Thai land assists students to have better financial literacy

Tawina Chaiyongyos, the UOB Money 101: Teen Edition teacher and deputy director of Phattharayan Witthaya School, said, “I want our students to have a correct understanding of financial literacy.

They might fall into financial traps if they cannot manage their monthly allowance. Some middle school students may think financial literacy is for adults. The integrating various financial concepts into the classroom enables our students to apply this learning in their lives.”

Thanyathon Premprasert, student at Phattharayan Witthaya School said, “Previously, I did not know how to save money, But I changed my financial behaviour after joining the UOB project. Thank you, UOB Thailand, for bringing this course to my school. It has made a significant impact on my life. My father runs a business, and I can apply this knowledge in the future. I want everyone to have the same opportunity to learn this course as I did. “

UOB Bank Thailand

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