Upskill workforces in tourism industry

The government reveal Upskill workforces in tourism industry 
The government reveal Upskill workforces in tourism industry

TAT organizes training to upskill workers in tourism sector to response government policy “IGNITE TOURISM THAILAND.”

Chai Wacharonke
Chai Wacharonke

Government Spokesperson Chai Wacharonke said that Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has placed great importance ontourism promotion

as key economic driving force and revenue generator.

Capacity building of personnel intourism industry continues to be pushe ahead as part of the Prime Minister’s IGNITE THAILAND vision,

which aims to promote Thailand as the region’s tourism hub and global destination for tourists across the world.

Mr Srettha authorized related agencies to improve on service standards, safety measures andtourism spots.

On personnel development, Ministry of Tourism and Sports has collaborated with Ministry of Labor and Tourism Council of Thailand to organize a workshop

“IGNITETOURISM THAILAND: TAT Skill Factory” on June 15-16, 2024 to upskill workforces intourism industry toward service excellence on par with the international standard.

Contents of the workshop include: 1) service with Thainess; 2) English skill for service business; and 3)tourism safety management. Target groups of the workshop are workers in tourism service businesses,tourism operators, and relevant government and private agencies.

Foreign visitors reach 14.76 million as of May 31

According to statistics from TAT, Thailand welcomed 14,760,911 foreign tourists during the first 5 months

of 2024 (January 1 – May 31, 2024), generating 701,429 million Baht, an increase of 38% from the same period last year.

Top 5 nationals that visited Thailand during the first 5 months were: 1) Chinese (2,911,370), 2) Malaysians (2,012,406), 3) Russians (848,473), 4) Indians (842,580), and 5) South Koreans (803,574). It is expect that the number of tourists throughout the year will accumulate to over 35 million, meeting the target.

The PM is confident that the Thaig Government can further enhance Thailand’s tourism potential through work plan improvement and personnel training.

“He is impress with the determination

and hardworking of all concern agencies in driving the country to becoming a globaltourism hub. Thailand will continue to organize wide-ranging activities to promotetourism throughout this year and the next.” Mr Chai said.

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