BPP joined a success of alliance’s ammonia co-firing power

Banpu Power
Banpu Power Public Company Limited (BPP)joined a success of alliance’s ammonia co-firing power

Banpu Power Public Company Limited (BPP), an international quality power generating company,led by Mr. Issara Niropas (6th from left), CEO, recently participated in the “Appreciation Reception for Fuel Ammonia Utilization at HekinanThermal Power Station” hosted by JERA Co., Inc., BPP’s partner in the ammonia co-firing project at the BLCP power plant.

The event commemorated the success of the world’s first demonstration testing of fuel ammonia substitution (20% of heating value) at Unit 4 of Hekinan Power Station,

Banpu Power
Announcement of success in the use of ammonia in power plants

a large-scale commercial coal-fired thermal power plant in Japan. The demonstration testing of fuel ammonia substitution showcased the advancement of JERA Co., Inc., and IHI Corporation’s ‘Carbon Recycling and Ammonia Co-Firing Power Generation’project.

Using ammonia to produce electricity

This project, subsidized by a Japanese national R&D agency New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), aims to achieve low-carbon thermal power through fuel ammonia. 

BPP’s first ammonia co-firing project has been assessing the feasibility of ammonia co-fired power generation at the BLCP power plant since last year,

with support from partners including Electricity Generating Public Company Limited, BLCP Power Limited, JERA Co., Inc., Mitsubishi Corporation Machinery, Inc., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,Ltd.,

and Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. This collaborative effort aligns with the Company’s direction in prioritizing decarbonization

and contributing to energy security to become a ‘Sustainable Energy Generation Company.’

Banpu Power Public Company Limited (BPP), an international quality power generating company, is committ to delivering sustainable energy through its aim of “Powering Society with Quality Megawatts.”

The Company generates and distributes power in the Asia-Pacific region, including Thailand, Laos, China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia and the U.S.

For almost three decades, BPP has been committ to operational excellence to achieve efficient power generation while deploying high-efficiency,

low-emissions (HELE) technologies that are safe and environmentally sound in accordance with its Greener & Smarter strategy.

Banpu Power Public Company Limited

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