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International headquaters Chai invest
Government spokesman Chai Watcharonke

Foreign investors are setting up more international headquarters in Thailand. The government moves forward with policies to drive international headquarters in order to increase economic opportunities.

Government spokesman Chai Watcharonke said that the construction market in Thailand is becoming more active thanks to the supportive policy of Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin. The government recently implemented a significant policy to boost property business which drives for continued investment. The policy also drives an increase in the establishing of international headquarters in Thailand.

“Aiming at supporting the use of the country’s potential in various dimensions and implementing measures to promote investment. The measures support Thailand to become an outstanding destination among foreign investment. This results in an increasing office market and more investors setting up international headquarters and international trading offices in Thailand.”

A survey showed more demand of regional headquarters

He said that the office market situation tends to have more foreign customers. IWG, a provider of flexible office space for rent (flexible workspace) survey, showed that there is an increasing demand for setting up regional headquarters in Thailand.

Multinational companies see the potential and Thailand’s advantages as international headquarters because of an environment that promotes the well-being of employees, labor quality, and an appropriate minimum wage rate.

Ability to communicate in English and digital skills of Thai personnel including the cost of living that is not very high which has created a lot of growth for the office building rental business in Thailand.

Better conditions that are beneficial to tenants. It covers more short-term rental agreements. Developing an office design that better meets the needs of working life including expanding the base to new tenant groups through offering co-working space rentals.

Data center investment support for international headquarters

Mr Chai added that the establishment of Microsoft’s first regional data center in Thailand and the announcement of readiness to jointly develop AI potential with Thailand and the region.

The move is considered another important step for Thailand, as well as other related businesses which see an opportunity and choose Thailand as a destination for setting up an office.

The Board of Investment has approved privileges to Data Centers in Thailand such as Next DC Company Limited, a major Australian Data Center service provider, CTRLS Company, Data Center (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a major Data Center service provider from India.

Invite foreign investors to establish international headquarters

The government is ready to cooperate with foreign agencies interested in setting up offices in Thailand.To join in exchanging opinions. Understand the needs and develop guidelines that will help businesses grow in Thailand and the region.

At present, the government has several measures to attract foreign investment.

Such as measures for long-term residence visas (Long-term Resident Visa). And improvement of visa and work permit service centers (One Stop Service).

Measures to exempt corporate income tax for manufacturing and international business center (IBC)

“The PM believes that Thailand’s readiness and potential is reflected in our success. That foreign businessmen choose Thailand as their office location.

He also viewed that Thailand’s destination for foreign businessmen is a golden opportunity for the country. To further attract large companies including new target industries.

That will help to upgrade the Thai economy in the long run,” Mr Chai said.

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