Garena launches “Esports Classroom 2024”

Garena launches "Esports Classroom 2024" to forge new paths in education and digital careers
Garena launches "Esports Classroom 2024" to forge new paths in education and digital careers

Garena (Thailand), a leading online games developer and publisher, has announced the expansion of its Garena Academy into the “Esports Classroom 2024” program.

This initiative aims to leverage games and e-sports as educational tools, broadening horizons for the new generation to explore a wider array of career opportunities and develop essential skills for the digital era.

The “Esports Classroom 2024” program is set to engage over 400 students and teachers in Bangkok and other regions across the country. In collaboration with universities, the program will offer scholarships and integrate the esports curriculum into a university course related to event production.

At the press conference, discussions centered on the role of esports and extracurricular activities in enhancing Thai education.

Governor of Bangkok, Chadchart Sittipunt attend the opening ceremony "Esports Classroom 2024"
Governor of Bangkok, Chadchart Sittipunt attend the opening ceremony “Esports Classroom 2024”

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s governor Chadchart Sittipunt, presided over the program launch,

emphasizing the rapid development of the digital world and the emergence of new careers.

“Educational curricula must evolve constantly to keep up with the fast changing pace,” Mr Chadchart stated. “Learning in various aspects leads to analysis,

sedimentation, and practical application, which is crucial for life, study, and self-management outside the classroom.”

Cultivate skills for the digital age

Mrs Puttawan Suphataranant, director of Corporate Communications,

Sea (Thailand), highlighted the significant attention games and e-sports have garnered from multiple sectors.

“By collaborating with a network of educators, we aim to use games and esports to cultivate skills

for the digital age, preparing Thai students for future challenges,” she explained.

Participants in the “Esports Classroom 2024” will receive hands-on training

from esports professionals, including competition coordinators, coaches, commentators, and media teams.

They will also have the opportunity to organize school-level esports competitions, culminating in a final event at the Garena Esports Studio.

Dr Nattapon Tancharoensap, director of the Sport Excellence Project, Bureau of Academic Affairs and Educational Standards,

at the Office of Academic and Educational Standards, and Assistant Professor Banyapon Poolsawas, deputy dean College of Creative Design and Technology,

Dhurakij Pundit (ANT DPU), both advocated for the program’s potential to deepen students’ industry knowledge and active learning experiences.

The program instills discipline and teamwork

Kittipon Kitkla, affectionately known as “Teacher Beer” from Chaengron Wittaya School, shared his insights from the program’s previous iteration. He emphasized the program’s role in exposing students to a myriad

of possibilities, allowing them to explore and engage with their interests in games and e-sports. “The program instills discipline and teamwork, as students must balance their curriculum studies with their project responsibilities,” said Mr Kittipon.

opening ceremony "Esports Classroom 2024"
opening ceremony “Esports Classroom 2024”

“It’s a journey of self-discovery and skill development, leading to a clearer educational and career path.” Mr Dolpraphob Tiendam, also known as SunWatlz, a professional esports commentator, highlighted the importance of passion in pursuing a career in the gaming and esports industry. “The industry is constantly evolving, requiring continuous learning and adaptation,” he stated.

“Fortunately, today’s youth have more resources and guidance to navigate this dynamic field, opening up more stable career opportunities.” In a groundbreaking collaboration, Garena has partnered with the School of Communication Arts,

Bangkok University, to integrate the “Garena Academy Esports Classroom” curriculum into their Bachelor of Communication Arts program,

specifically the eSport Event Production course within the Creative Content Production. And Digital Experiences program for the first semester of 2024.

This partnership signifies the education sector’s recognition of the gaming and esports industry’s potential and its commitment to equipping students with the skills and knowledge for tomorrow’s opportunities.

This year, the program has already attracted participation from 16 schools. With more than 400 teachers. And students involved. ANT DPU is offering 12 scholarships to outstanding participants,

reinforcing the program’s commitment to fostering talent and preparing students for the digital workforce.

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