Cabinet considers to revise EEC’s high speed rail contract by July

Asia Era One
Chula Sukmanop expected to submit to the cabinet within this July 2024 on revision a contract to Asia Era One

EECO will propose the cabinet to revise a contract for high speed rail connecting three airports by this July while a construction works are set to begin by January 2025.

EEC secretary general, Chula Sukmanop
EEC secretary general, Chula Sukmanop

Eastern Economic Corridor Office (EECO) secretary general, Chula Sukmanop expected to submit to the cabinet within this July 2024 on revision a contract to Asia Era One, the operating of high speed train connecting three airports of Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang and U-tapao airports.

“The State Railway of Thailand (SRT), and its contracting parties have agree upon the acceptance of the construction area, and a consensus was reache on the negotiations on the solutions from the effects of COVID-19 and the Russian-Ukrainian war. Currently, the SRT are preparing to present the relevant information to the EEC for consideration to propose to the cabinet to review the PPP principles, in accordance with the cabinet resolution that approved the project on 27th March2018.”

Then. The SRT and the contracting parties (Asia Era One Co) will negotiate a draft revised contract to submit to the Attorney General’s Office for review and send to the EEC Policy Committee to submit to the Cabinet for approval

He said a construction works are set to begin by December 2024. The solutions are based on a public-private partnership whereby the public sector does not lose benefits nor shall the private sector gain unduly benefit.

This includes amending the payment method for the state co-investment in the project,

whereby the state will begin investing sooner according to the completion period of the construction

and the private sector agrees to place a full amount of collateral (bank guarantee) with 120 billion baht on construction costs.

Additionally amending the method for royalty fee payment for the Airport Rail Link (ARL) project,

the private sector will pay in 7installments, with SRT receiving royalty fees total 10.67 billion baht

while the private sector bears the interest, excess financial fees. And expenses.

U- Tapao airport will be operational by 2029.

Phumtham Wechayachai
Phumtham Wechayachai

The meeting chaired by deputy prime minister and minister of Commerce Phumtham Wechayachai,

also monitored the latest developments of the other three key PPP infrastructure including U- Tapao Airport and the Eastern Aviation City.

He said the Royal Thai Navy has issue an announcement for proposals for the construction of the second runway

and taxiway for the U – Tapao Airport and is expect to consider technical proposals by June 2024

and construction is set to be complet by 2028.

As for coordination with the private sector regarding the Notice to Proceed (NTP),

it is expect to delivered within 2024 and U- Tapao airport will be operational by 2029.

Mr Chula said the committee endorsed rental fees of EECO’s land plots in U-Tapao airport with 106,800 baht per rai.

They are 210 rai of maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), 70 rai of aviation school, 154

of infrastructure project 5 rai for flight control tower.

Laem – Chabang Port Phase 3 the F Port. further progress has made to the marine construction by 29.02%,

with reclamation areas 1 and 2 having been complete with the 3rd sea reclamation area currently in the process of being fille. The F1 Port is expecte to be operational by 2027.

Map Ta Phut Industrial Port Phase 3, work on reclamation of the LNG Plot (Plot B)

and related business area (Plot C) has been complete. As for the liquid cargo port area (Plot A), 30.95% progress made. The construction of the Part 1 of Phase 3 is set to be complete by 2027.

EEC Chachoengsao Blue Tech City Industrial Estate

The meeting also approved the announcement of the establishment of the EEC Chachoengsao Blue Tech City Industrial Estate, on approximately 1,172 Rai (180 hectares approx.) Khao Din land plot in the Bang Pakong district of Chachoengsao province.

The industrial estate will support the expansion and the development of special target industries

such as Next Generation Automotive.Intelligent Electronics, Aviation and Logistics, Digital, and Education and Human Resource Development.

It is expecte that an investment of approximately 156,000 million baht

will be made to support domestic entrepreneurs to produce up to 90% of equipment parts for electric vehicles produce within the industrial estate.

This comes with creating employment opportunities for approximately 20,000 people and transferring knowledge from foreign experts. The Blue Tech City Industrial Estate will also have a research and development center to support the advanced technology knowledge

for students and stimulating the economy at both the community level and the national level.

Approved a draft for the EEC Environmental Plan

EEC Board also approved the draft EEC Environmental Plan 2023 – 2027,

prepared by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and tasked the EEC with acquiring cabinet approval.

The plan aims to promote environmental management in parallel with the continuous development of cities

and communities, balance various development projects, effectively take caution with the environment and community, and encourage sustainable business investments in the EEC.

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