Malee Group’s concept of “Power of Plant and Dairy” at THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2024

MaleeGroup showcases the concept of “Power of Plant and Dairy” at THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2024
MaleeGroup showcases the concept of “Power of Plant and Dairy” at THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2024

Malee Group showcases the concept of “Power of Plant and Dairy” at THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2024, reinforcing its leadership in creating innovations that bring good health and happiness to consumers

Malee Group, a manufacturer and distributor of canned fruits and UHT and pasteurized fruit juices under “Malee” brand,

Malee group's showcase at THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2024
Maleegroup showcase at THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2024

brought its complete product line and innovative prowess on showcase at THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2024, Asia’s largest and most comprehensive food and beverage trade show.

Carrying on the concept of “Helping people become healthier and happier everyday through the power of plant and dairy,”

Malee booth at the event reflected its leadership in producing high quality products as well as its determination

to create innovations that combine the miracle of nature with scientific advancements.

Bringing the best value from nature to consumers while helping them enjoy good health and happiness from the power of fruits, plants, vegetables and dairy,

Malee Group exhibited its capacity to produce a wide variety of products to meet the needs of diverse consumers

and entrepreneurs, ranging from canned fruits, beverages including fruit juices, vegetable juices, tea, coffee, dairy products,

to drinking water, both under the “Malee” brand and OEM,

in which the company produces beverage products under contracts for domestic and international customers and brand owners.

Currently, Malee Group has produced more than 179 product variants for several leading brands. In 2023, the company generated strong sales from its OEM business that increased by 22% compared to the previous year.

Generating a constant growth in 2024

growth in 2024 by increasing sales both domestically
growth in 2024 by increasing sales both domestically

Malee Group aimed to generate a constant growth in 2024 by increasing sales both domestically

and abroad both under the Malee brand and its OEM business.

Moreover, Malee strives to strengthen the potential and competitive advantage for business partners in expanding and penetrating domestic and the global market through the creation of innovative products blessed with natural value. Exhibiting the “Power of Plant and Dairy” experience at THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2024.

Malee Group invited visitors to immerse themselves in the power of nature through Malee’s products, innovations, and capabilities with 3 special zones.

Three special zones

  • Nature zone: The ambience of lush natural orange orchard with a magnificent orange tree standing tall at the center stage gives visitors a refreshing shady sensation while enjoying the complete product line from Malee Group,

including vegetable and fruit juices, coconut water, and canned fruits under the “Malee” brand,

UHT and pasteurized milk under the “Farm Chokchai” brand, cereal drinks, and many more. F&B entrepreneurs can explore a variety of products to support their business expansion as well as figure out innovative raw materials to add value to their products and services.

  • Nature Decoded Innovation zone: A simulated laboratory ofMalee Applied Sciences (MAS) greets visitors while demonstrating the capability of Malee Group in developing innovations to bring value addition to health and beauty products and services.

Through extensive research on the benefits of nature and meticulous creation of innovative ingredients for use in food products,

dietary supplement products and cosmetics, MAS supplies its innovative products toMalee Group affiliates as well as local and international business partners looking into creating new products.

Highlight ingredients are such as LIPOSOS, combining 3 important substances: chromium, potassium and L-carnitine,

and Hesperidin, an orange peel extract which is one of the ingredients in ORENIX used for nutritional supplements and cosmetics.

  • Experience zone: Introduce a new experience of enjoying dairy and plant-based products fromMalee Group

that are equally delicious and healthy at a Creation Bar where mixologists are creating innovative drinks fromMalee products.

Malee Group is committed to developing new products to support consumers to stay healthy on their own terms. Discover more atMalee booth “Power of Plant and Dairy”

at THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2024 from 28 May to 1 June 2024 at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

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